The home page is the starting point for users of GeoScenic, the BGS image collections online. BGS has many other images which will made available on GeoScenic as they are digitised and described. All users can search and browse the collections, however, some features are only available to ‘Logged-in’ users.

Public users

Public users are those that have not logged in. Public Users have access to the lightbox facility but only during their current session. Lightboxes will be lost between sessions.

Logged-in Users

If you are a Logged-in User you can save your lightboxes and searches between sessions and undertake multiple downloads up to the limit specified in the terms and conditions. To become a Logged-in User, you need to first register. You only need to register once.

Quick Search

You can perform a "Quick search" from the home page or from the search box on the top right of each page in GeoScenic. Enter your search words and press Go/Search. Asset Bank will then search for matches in the metadata of the items. Words entered into the search box are not case-sensitive. For a more specific search click on the Advanced Search link in the Quick search area on the home page or in the left-hand menu on every page.

Advanced Search

There are two parts to Advanced search, the Advanced search page and the Search builder. You can toggle between the two using the links.  The search builder allows you make complex 'boolean' type searches. Search tips are shown 'Help' at the top of the Advanced Search page.

Browse Categories

The ‘browse categories’ area shows a list of descriptive categories so that you can browse by subject. There are three main categories each with many subcategories. Click on one the categories to see the sub-categories. You can also browse through the categories using the 'Browse' button on the left hand menu. Here are the main categories:
Best of BGS images - a selection of very high quality images in a range of sub-categories such as earthquakes and volcanoes, rocks and minerals, fossils and landscapes.
Special collections - this set of categories highlights special collections of note. This could be for a region or for certain historical collections from the BGS archives.
Geoscience subjects - a systematic classification of a selection of geological photographs by subject.


This feature is available through the 'Lightbox' button on the left menu. The lightbox enables you to organize the images you are interested in. When a 'Public' user leaves the site lightbox is not kept between sessions. For Logged-in Users, Lightboxes are retained between sessions. Logged-in Users can also download images from the lightbox.

Downloading images

Please read the Geoscenic Terms and Conditions before downloading.

You can save an image individually by right clicking on an image and 'Save picture as'.  There are three sizes of images:
1. small thumbnails found in search results or when browsing categories
2. a larger image (250 pixel)on the Digital Asset page (click on a thumbnail to view)
3. a 1000 pixel image that can be visited by clicking the 'View larger size' link on the Digital Asset page