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Caption: Photomicrograph of sandstone from Craigleith Quarry, Edinburgh, Lothian Region, Scotland
Description: The image is part of a thin section of sandstone impregnated with blue dye resin in order to highlight the porosity in the rock. The specimen is of Carboniferous age. British Geological Survey Petrology Collection sample number ED 7582. The rock is a relatively 'clean' sandstone, being dominated by grains of quartz with a relatively uniform grain size. It has a relatively high porosity. The predominant rock type seen in the quarry is sandstone, with less common siltstone, mudstone and oil-shale. There is also one bed of shelly limestone and minor ironstone nodules. The sandstones were generally deposited by rivers flowing northwards from a landmass to the south into a lake which occupied the lowlands around the modern-day Firth of Forth. Nearly all the siltstone and mudstone was deposited as mud on the lake bottom. The shelly limestone and the associated mudstone are of a different origin. These were laid down on an ancient sea bed. The most common and best seen fossils have smooth unornamented shells.
Date taken: 25/06/1905
Photographer: Unknown
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Orientation: Landscape
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