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Caption: Photomicrograph of sandstone from Hailes Quarry, Edinburgh, West Lothian, Scotland
Description: The image is a photomicrograph of part of a thin section of Hailes Sandstone dominated by grains of quartz and feldspar. The specimen is of Carboniferous age. British Geological Survey Petrology Collection sample number ED 7588. The sandstone is dominated by abundant small white quartz grains which give the rock a fine-grained, well-sorted texture. Although fairly compact (the grains are close together and cemented by silica), there is still a reasonable amount of porosity in the sandstone, as seen by the blue-dye resin infilling the pore spaces. The thin section is crossed by a distinctive thin black band which is composed mainly of opaque iron oxide or organic (hydrocarbon or coal-like) material. This represents a primary feature of the bedding in the rock, and it is what gives Hailes Sandstone its characteristic banded or 'flecked' appearance. The presence of these thin layers allows Hailes stone to be relatively easily split to produce a flat surface, and it is this property that made Hailes stone of great value for paving stones, steps and entrance platts. Hailes stone was one of the most commonly used stone in the construction of the New Town of Edinburgh.
Date taken: 25/06/1905
Photographer: Unknown
Copyright statement: Unknown
Orientation: Landscape
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