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Caption: Mineral specimen of idocrase. Dalnabo, Glen Gairn, Aberdeenshire.
Description: The specimen shows a crystal of red-brown idocrase or vesuvianite, with a distinct reflective crystal face showing striations on the surface. British Geological Survey Petrology Mineral Collection sample number 4981. The crystals are developed within a groundmass of mainly calcite. Idocrase or vesuvianite is a hydrous calcium magnesium aluminium silicate belonging to the sorosilicate group and of tetragonal crystal symmetry. It is a mineral of contact metamorphic calcareous skarns and is often associated with grossular and andradite garnets, wollastonite and diopside. This specimen of idocrase or vesuvianite was found at Dalnabo in Glen Gairn. This locality is mentioned in Heddle's Mineralogy of Scotland as being in the limestone quarry and produces lustrous rich brown, and very rarely, apple-green idocrase. It is associated with epidote, cinnamon stone, prehnite, greenovite, sahlite. Specimens up to 5.5 inches by three-quarters of an inch have been known from this locality.
Date taken: 01/01/2003
Photographer: Unknown
Copyright statement: NERC
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