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Caption: Mineral specimen of linarite. Leadhills, Lanarkshire.
Description: The photograph is a detail of a rock sample containing vivid blue linarite, surrounded by secondary minerals of copper (green colour) and iron (orange colour). British Geological Survey Petrology Mineral Collection sample number 15383. Linarite typically occurs in elongated tabular crystals or as clusters of needles. Crystals up to 10 cm long have been found in Arizona. The name comes from Linares in Spain, where the mineral was first found. Linarite is a hydrous lead copper sulphate belonging to the monoclinic crystal system which forms in the oxidized zones of lead-copper ore bodies. The Leadhills - Wanlockhead area has long been known for the mining of lead. It is suspected that the Romans mined lead though there is no evidence for this. The first evidence from an archaeological excavation indicates lead mining between AD 850 and 950, though the first documentary record is from Newbattle Abbey in 1239. The last mine in the region closed in 1959.
Date taken: 01/01/2003
Photographer: Unknown
Copyright statement: NERC
Orientation: Landscape
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