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Caption: Detail of building in Chester Street, Edinburgh, Lothian Region.
Description: The image shows decay of a sandstone building due to water penetration as a result of a defective gutter and downpipe. If the rainwater protection systems on a building are not maintained in good condition, this is the sort of damage that can occur. Many people do not realise that sandstone is a porous substance; under normal circumstances it will take in a small amount of water which is absorbed into the pore structure, and which generally evaporates again from the surface. However if the amount of water ingress exceeds the amount lost through evaporation, then decay can result. In this example the outer surface of the stone is spalling off and being shed rather like a skin.
Date taken: 25/06/1905
Photographer: Unknown
Copyright statement: Unknown
Orientation: Landscape
Size: 256.29 KB; 1000 x 667 pixels; 85 x 56 mm (print at 300 DPI); 265 x 176 mm (screen at 96 DPI);
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