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Caption: A fossil specimen of Asterocalamites scrobiculatus Schlotheim. A fossil plant. (Plantae.) Hailes Quarry, Slateford, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.
Description: Asterocalamites scrobiculatus is a Lower Carboniferous plant from the horesetails group which shows evidence of gradual change in passing from Lower Carboniferous to the Calamites of higher strata. British Geological Survey Biostratigraphy Collection number GSE 1265. Both Asterocalamites and Calamites show longitudinal ribbing in their stems similar to their only living genus, Equisetum. The pith casts of Asterocalamites show that the ribs pass straight up the stems across the nodes whilst in Calamites the ribs tend to alternate at the nodes. The leaves of Asterocalamites are narrow and linear and are often divided into two portions, but the similar linear leaves of Calamites are never branched. The sporangia were held in compact cones at the tip of the branches. This specimen is from the Carboniferous Calciferous Sandstone Series.
Date taken: 01/01/2003
Photographer: Unknown
Copyright statement: NERC
Orientation: Portrait
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