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Caption: A fossil specimen of Lobatopteris geinitzii Gutbier. A fossil plant. (Plantae.) River Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland.
Description: Extracted from sandstones in the bed of the River Ayr from the Mauchline Volcanic Group, Lobatopteris form part of the only known plant assemblage from the Lower Permian of Britain. The dominant fern in this assemblage was Lobatopteris geinitzii. British Geological Survey Biostratigraphy Collection number GSE 13812. There was marked climate change from the late Carboniferous humid climate to semi-arid or arid conditions in the Permian when Scotland was about 8 degrees north of the equator and was part of a large continental landmass. The plant impressions from this site compare with the lower Rotliegend floras of central Europe though the assemblage lacks the conifers of the latter. The assemblage indicates that the climate was more humid than when the overlying Mauchline Sandstones were deposited which indicates a true desert environment. Figd. Wagner, R.H. in Scot. J. Geol. Vol 19, pt. 2 1983 pl. I fig. 3, pl. IV fig. 3a.
Date taken: 01/01/2003
Photographer: Unknown
Copyright statement: NERC
Orientation: Portrait
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