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Caption: A fossil specimen of Lioceras aff. bifidatum S. Buckman. A fossil ammonite. (Mollusca, Cephalopoda, Ammonoidea.) Lower doggers, Holm, Skye, Inverness (Skye), Scotland.
Description: Lioceras is a member of Hildocerataceae family of ammonites but rather smoother and involute, i.e it had a tightly coiled shell and the inner whorls are mostly concealed by the last whorl. British Geological Survey Biostratigraphy Collection number GSE 7232. This specimen clearly shows the typical frilled ammonite sutures, the trace of the edge of the septa and the shell wall, the transverse partitions that divide the phragmacone into chambers. Note the folds, the saddles, the forward pointing folds and the lobes, the backward pointing lobes. This specimen is from the Jurassic Inferior Oolite a marine series of rocks that attains a maximum thickness in Skye (375 feet) and Raasay (600 feet).
Date taken: 01/01/2003
Photographer: Unknown
Copyright statement: NERC
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