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Caption: A fossil specimen of Graphoceras arcitenens S. Buckman. A fossil ammonite. (Mollusca, Cephalopoda, Ammonoidea.) From fallen blocks on shore between Bearreraig Bay & Holm Island, Skye, Invernessshire (Skye), Scotland.
Description: Graphoceras arcitenens is a member of the Ammonoidea, an extinct group of the Cephalopoda. The shell is composed of three main parts, the protoconch, the phragmacone and the body chamber. Graphoceras is coiled in a plane spiral, it is bilaterally symmetrical with the plane of symmetry at right angles to the plane of coiling. British Geological Survey Biostratigraphy Collection number GSE 3033. From the Inferior Oolite, concava zone of the Jurassic of Bearreraig Bay. Its former name is Ludwigella. Ammonites are amongst the most abundant and well known of all fossils. Their beautiful planispiral shells with a range of ornamentation have been collected for centuries. They had particularly rapid evolution which has made then of great importance as zone fossils for dating and tracing rocks of the same age over vast areas.
Date taken: 01/01/2003
Photographer: Unknown
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