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P number: P243790
Old photograph number: MNS05108
Caption: Alluvial gold from Kildonan Burn, Helmsdale, Sutherland.
Description: Gold grains from alluvium, Kildonan Burn, Helmsdale, Sutherland. Alluvial gold occurs in alluvial gravels and is found in a great variety of forms. It can appear black and rusty or appear to be light in weight when the gold particles are small. Gold is a heavy, soft, malleable, ductile yellow metallic element. It is unusual in that it occurs naturally as the native metal. The Suisgill and Kildonan streams are regarded as the most auriferous in the district. The source of the gold has not been found. In 1868 and 1869 there was a minor gold rush in the diggings near Kildonan.
Date taken: 25/06/1905
Photographer: Unknown
Copyright statement: Unknown
Orientation: Landscape
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