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P number: P205969
Old photograph number: A06040
Caption: About 1/2 m. N. of Stoke Lane, 2 m. E. of Oakhill.
Description: About 1/2 m. N. of Stoke Lane, 2 m. E. of Oakhill. Swallow-hole, Stoke Lane. 'Swallow-holes', 'slockers' and 'swallets' are Somerset names for tunnels or pipes through which streams disappear underground on reaching the areas of Carboniferous Limestone. Owing to diversion of the Stoke Lane stream, this example is dry except in floods. The waterworn sides of Carboniferous Limestone (Syringiothyris Zone) are noticeable.
Date taken: 01/09/1932
Photographer: Rhodes, J.
Copyright statement: Crown
Orientation: Portrait
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