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Caption: The range of three zonal fossils in a typical section of the junction beds in South Wiltshire. Norton Ferris, S. Wilts. B. Pope Bartlett. 1915. [Cretaceous.]
Description: 1. Surface Soil. Cenomanian, Zone of Amonites Varians: 2. Chalk Marl. Grey, rough slabs, crumbles where dry, contains glauconite grains and fossils, Am varians of Stauronenia carteri. 1 ft 1 in. 3. Chloritic Marl. Hard grey chalky marl glauconite and fossils, phosphatised nodules, C. columbarius throughout. 1 ft 9 in. to 2 ft. 4. Phosphatic Bed. Thin layer of phosphatic nodules and fossils in matrix of glauconitic marl. Varies 1 1/2 ft to 3 ft. 5. The Cornstones. Siliceous nodules varying in size and shape. In top 6 in. covered with brown phosphatic coating, at bottom smooth and grey. Embedded in glauconitic material, marly at top, more sandy below many fossils, 10 ft. Selbournian Zone of Pecten asper. 6. Large siliceous nodules, more or less flattened and at parts almost forming a layer, in matrix of glauconitic sandstone, few fossils, 1 ft 1 in. Section at Norton Ferris, South Wilts. Added note: Chark Marl, Chloritic Marl, Phosphatic Bed, Cornstones, Siliceous Nodules, P. asper, Catopygus columbarius, Ammonites varians.
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Additional information: From the Geologists' Association Carreck Archive. Geologists' Association album [green album] [1].
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