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Caption: Succession of strata between Greensand and Chalk. [Cretaceous.]
Description: Measurements by Jukes-Browne. Division between Selbournian and Cenomanian very difficult owing to doubtful beds lithologically resembling former, but containing Cenomanian fauna. No phosphatic nodules or cornstones. Melbury Hill, Shaftesbury, N. Dorset. B. Pope Bartlett. 1915. Survey Memoir, Lower Cretaceous Rocks, pp 103-5. Soil, 1 ft. 1. Greyish marly Chalk, 6 ft. 2. Grey sandy and marly Chalk, 4 1/2 ft. 3. Firm marly chalk with grains of quartz and glauconite, 2 1/2 ft. 4. V. sandy glauconitic Marl. Greenish grey (many fossils. Am. varians), 4 ft. 5. Rough glauconitic sandstone, darker in tint, 4 ft. 6. Soft greenish sandstone, few fossils, 6 ft. [Total: ] 28 ft. Position of sections.
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Additional information: From the Geologists' Association Carreck Archive. Geologists' Association album [green album] [1].
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