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Caption: Tufa which also goes by the name of travertin [travertine] or calcareous sinter is a deposit of carbonate of lime thrown down by springs which flow through beds of limestone. Derbyshire, August 3rd 1914.
Description: In this case at Matlock these specimens are from lime obtained from the Carboniferous limestone. The rain in passing through the atmosphere takes up Carbonic acid and assisted by humic acid from the soil when it sinks into the limestone dissolves portions of it away. When it comes to the surface again in the form of springs it loses some of the carbonic acid and the lime is thrown down in the form of tufa and incrusting any object that happens to be present.
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Additional information: From the Geologists' Association Carreck Archive. The Reader Geological Photographs. Long excursions 1914. Part 2.
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