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Caption: Genus: conifer wood; Taxon: Plants: Undifferentiated; Locality: Whitby North Yorkshire. Microscope slide from the Sir Joseph D. Hooker Collection, BGS.
Description: The Yorkshire Coast of England is a classic locality for fossil hunting and many of the historic slides in the British Geological Survey's collection come from this area. This slide show fossil wood from Whitby collected by Mr Cooper in the 1830s. Age: Jurassic Period, 180 million years old.
Additional information: From Collection C: Lias collection from Whitby and elsewhere in east Yorkshire. Almost all these slides originated in the cabinet of Mr Wilson Galliard, of Barnsley, a well-known collector in the late 1830/1840s, and some of these still bear the original numbers used in his cabinet. One slide is ascribed to Mr Cooper who was an active in the London Clay Club in the late 1830/1840s. The pioneering work on the Liassic woods of Whitby was undertaken by William Nicol from 1814 to the early 1830s, so there may be some connection between Nicol and Cooper/Wilson. The Whitby collection is of considerable scientific value, especially if associated sections can be located in other museum collections.
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