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Caption: Genus: Lepidodendron; Taxon: Plants: Undifferentiated; Locality: Glasgow. [*]. Microscope slide from the Sir Joseph D. Hooker Collection, BGS.
Description: The English coal measure contains lots of animal remains as well as plants. This nodule shows marine shells collected by Joseph Hooker in 1846. Age: Carboniferous Period, 310 million years old.
Additional information: From Collection G: Carboniferous roof nodules from Yorkshire and Lancashire coalfields. This material is connected with J.D. Hooker and was published in his three part monograph on coal measure plants (Stigmaria, Lepidodendron, Lepidostrobus, Trigonocarpus) in volume 2 of the BGS memoirs (published in 1848). Many collectors are mentioned on the slides as follows: Mrs Henslow, Mr Binney, Mr Jukes, Miss Jukes, Mr Gray, Mr Cooper, Lt Stamford, Mr Wilson Galliard, Mr Birmingham, Mrs Cunningham, Mr Thornewick, Mr Smyth, Mr Larkin, Mrs Bristol. Slides from the English coal measures by Joseph Hooker in 1846.
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