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Caption: Genus: large conifer axis; Taxon: Plants: Undifferentiated; Locality: Scarborough - Yorkshire. [*]. Microscope slide from the Sir Joseph D. Hooker Collection, BGS.
Description: This slide shows a cross-section through a quite amazing fossil tree from Scarborough, Yorkshire, England. If you count the tree rings, you can tell the age of the tree when it died. Age: Jurassic Period, 180 million years old.
Copyright statement: NERC
Additional information: From Collection D: Edinburgh collection. This material is connected with Henry Witham (1779-1844) of Larington Hall, county Durham, and related to his landmark Fossil Vegetables monographs (1831, 1833). The slides were produced in collaboration/competition with William Nicol (1771-1851), and their lapidiary, George Sanderson, all of whom were based in Edinburgh at the time. Slides were cut between 1828 and 1834. Some detailed historical notes of this material form an appendix to this document. Many of these slides are unusually thick (4 mm) and cut to fit the specimens.
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