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P number: P211894
Old photograph number: A12421
Caption: Section in White Limestone, Breakspear's Pit, North Leigh, Oxfordshire.
Description: Looking east at Breakspear's Pit, North Leigh. Quarry for aggregate; detailed sequence as follows: Oolite - cream to pale brown, medium to fine-grained, shelly, shell detrital, cross-bedded in parts c. 3.25 m. Limestone - pale brown to grey, recrystallized, porcellaneous, burrowed, gastropods. Sandy at base 0.96 m. Sand - yellow-brown, fine-grained. 0.09 m. Clay - grey green 0.02 m. Limestone - pale red brown, marly, oolitic, shell fragmental 0.09 m. Sand - grey brown, clayey. 0.06 m. Limestone - pale brown to grey, oolitic varying to an oolite, shelly, sandy to base. Thin clay and marl partings c. 2.5 m. The White Limestone subdivision of the Great Oolite Series covers a considerable area and has been worked on a small scale for burning for lime in numerous quarries. The rock was also quarried extensively together with the overlying Kemble Beds by the Alpha Cement Company at Shipton on Cherwell. The Jurassic White Limestone subdivision is about 52 ft. thick in the neighbourhood of Hanborough and Woodstock. Generally, it consists of cream-coloured oolite and beds of hard white, but usually blue-hearted, lithographic limestone, with beds of clay at various horizons. Locally, the hard beds are composed of roundish, subangular and ramose 'lumps ' of white lithographic limestone enclosed in a softer yellowish oolite.
Date taken: 01/01/1975
Photographer: Pulsford, J.M.
Copyright statement: NERC
X longitude/easting: 439030
Y latitude/northing: 214030
Coordinate reference system, ESPG code: 27700 (OSGB 1936 / British National Grid)
Orientation: Landscape
Size: 384.61 KB; 1000 x 784 pixels; 85 x 66 mm (print at 300 DPI); 265 x 207 mm (screen at 96 DPI);
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