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Caption: From oil-shale to candle, from the raw material, intermediate distillates to final product. Examples from the Scottish oil-shale industry.
Description: The image shows a range of samples to illustrate the steps from raw oil-shale as fresh from the mine to a finished product - a packet of candles made from paraffin wax. Sourced from the Pumpherston Oil Company Limited at Mid-Calder, a leading manufacturer in the Scottish oil-shale industry. Raw, black oil-shale is crushed and heated in a retort with injected steam to produce crude oil, this undergoes the first distillation to produce crude distillate (green oil). A second distillation of the green oil produced heavy oil containing paraffin. This was then separated into blue oil and crude solid paraffin. The latter paraffin wax in its unfinished state was refined and then manufactured into candles.
Date taken: 25/06/1905
Photographer: Unknown
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