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Caption: Calcite after barytes pseudomorph, Wanlockhead, Dumfriesshire.
Description: A specimen of calcite as a psudomorph after barytes from Wanlockhead, Dumfriesshire. Calcite is a gangue mineral, one of no economic value that occurs in the veins with the 'ore' minerals, the economically valuable mineral. British Geological Survey Petrology Collection sample number MC 7684. This specimen is interesting as there must originally have been a barytes crystal that became encrusted with calcite, the original barytes would then have been corroded and dissolved by mineral waters leaving a hollow pseudomorph of granular calcite the shape of the original barytes crystal. A range of pseudomorphs are known from this area, galena is often altered to pyromorphite as well as pseudomorphs of galena after pyromorphite.
Date taken: 25/06/1905
Photographer: Unknown
Copyright statement: Unknown
Orientation: Landscape
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