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Caption: Limestone from Randerston, near Fife Ness, Fifeshire.
Description: A specimen of 'Kirkby's III Limestone' from the shore at Randerston, seven miles east-south-east of St. Andrews, Fife. This limestone is one of several thin calcareous beds in the Randerston area just north-west of Fife Ness. British Geological Survey Petrology Collection sample number MC 7664. It is a four feet thick coarsely platy, irony, shelly rock of lumachelle type. The shells are replaced by turbid coarsely granular ferriferous dolomite, and are embedded in a matrix of carbonate, stained and cemented by limonite. This carbonate is in part very finely granular, in part recrystallized to a mosaic of irregular grain up to 0.1 mm across. Numerous fragments of small shells and scarce quartz and mica are scattered through the fine-grained matrix. The rock is Carboniferous Calciferous Sandstone Series age and resemble strongly the Lower Carboniferous cementstones from other parts of the Midland Valley.
Date taken: 25/06/1905
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