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Caption: Limestone from the Blair Atholl Limestone Quarry, Perthshire.
Description: A medium-grained foliated crystalline limestone with a silver-grey colour from the Blair Atholl Limestone Quarry, Perthshire. The limestone is Dalradian Supergroup (Precambrian) in age. British Geological Survey Petrology Collection sample number MC 7588. The Blair Atholl Limestones are, on the whole, purer than the Loch Tay Limestone. Moreover they are free from epidiorite sills. They form part of an extensive group of rocks termed the 'Blair Atholl Series', which can be readily divided in most districts into two groups, termed the ?Pale Group? and the ` Dark Group,? each containing distinctive types of limestone. The limestones of the `Pale Group? are of varying character and include saccharoidal marble and cream or salmon-coloured limestone with dark micaceous stripes. The `Pale Group? also contains one band of white dolomite, traceable for two miles at Loch Moraig, north-east of Blair Atholl. The limestones of the 'Dark Group' are grey in colour and carbonaceous, and are associated with black graphitic schist. All the limestones in the immediate vicinity of Blair Atholl belong to this group. Around Blair Atholl itself limestone forms a number of outcrops.
Date taken: 25/06/1905
Photographer: Unknown
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