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Caption: Limestone from Newbigging Limestone Mine, Nine Lums, Burntisland, Fifeshire.
Description: A specimen of Burdiehouse Limestone from the Newbigging Mine, Nine Lums, 1 mile west of Burntisland. This specimen was tested by the Edinburgh map publishers, Bartholomews, as a source of lithographic stone; it was passed and considered satisfactory. The outcrop extends for a distance of about three-quarters of a mile in an east-west direction from Grange to Dalachy, and is indicated by a line of old quarries, all of which were stated over 40 years ago to have been long abandoned. From the outcrop the limestone dips north at 5 degrees to 15 degrees and underlies the ground in that direction for about half a mile, being stepped up northwards in that distance several times by small faults. British Geological Survey Petrology Collection sample number MC 7543. A short distance north of the Burntisland-Cowdenbeath road, however, it is thrown out by an east-west fault. Within the area described above, a surface survey indicated that the limestone is penetrated by agglomerate in volcanic vents, and this will reduce the total amount of stone available. The limestone varies in thickness from about 15 to 23 feet, the thickness worked being approximately 15 feet where seen in 1943. The lowest post, called the Bottoming, is variable in thickness and sticks to the ganister pavement: it is not usually extracted. Exploitation was entirely by mining, the workings being approached from Nine Lums by a level cross-cut mine which intersects the limestone about 200 yards north of the old quarries. Thence the seam is followed to the dip. The mouth of the mine is on the Aberdour-Burntisland road and near the main L. & N.E. railway line.
Date taken: 25/06/1905
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