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Caption: Limestone from Thorntonhall Mine (Thorntonhall Lime Works) three miles west of East Kilbride.
Description: The Main (Hurlet) Limestone was extensively wrought here in quarries and mines, and part of the product was burnt. Work appears to have ceased about 1926. The seam is 10 to 12 feet thick and lies almost flat. British Geological Survey Petrology Collection sample number MC 7542. There were extensive opencast and underground workings. Two of the old mine-mouths just north of Thornton are still readily accessible and lead into a series of large, fairly dry, underground chambers. The overburden is partly of rock, partly of boulder clay. The old kilns and loading bank were adjacent. Access was by tramway to the railway south of Thorntonhall station. The quality of the Thorntonhall limestone (S.L. 222) is high, the analysis showing: calcium carbonate, 92.59 per cent; magnesium carbonate, 1.28 per cent; insoluble residue 3.97 per cent.
Date taken: 25/06/1905
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