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Caption: Brucite marble from Ledbeg, Assynt, Sutherland.
Description: A light-green saccharoidal marble. Typical brucite marbles can be found on the hill-slope roughly three-quarters of a mile to the north-west of Ledbeg and again near the south-western end of the side road leading to Loch Ailsh at the eastern end of the Cnoc na Sroine intrusion, part of the Loch Borralan Complex of mafic and ultramafic syenites. British Geological Survey Petrology Collection sample number MC 7517. The intrusion of the Loch Borralan Complex was responsible for the contact metamorphism of the limestones and dolomites to marbles and in this case, brucite marble. Typically, brucite marbles have a granular texture, are medium-grained and whitish or greyish in colour. This specimen is finer-grained, saccharoidal with a green tinge. Recently the brucite-bearing dolomite marbles have been evaluated as a potential source of high brightness carbonate for filler and possible paper coating applications.
Date taken: 25/06/1905
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